How Rebranding Can Change Your Company
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How Rebranding Can Change Your Company

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How Rebranding Can Change Your Company

Your Brand is the voice for your company. Many companies get into a routine that speaks about their brand and the community or lifestyle that their brand showcases. This is important because it will develop a strong culture and following. Although there is a downside, when you develop too narrow of a brand culture, you lose potential for a different client segment. This is when companies start to think about rebranding.

Rebranding can be done extremely well or could lead to the downfall of a company’s message. It’s a tricky subject because you do not want to destroy a community that you have created or start advertising a message that is not true to your authentic self. Rebranding is developed through planning. Without a strong plan its impossible to rebrand your company and be successful!

Throughout history there have been brands that have been extremely successful with their rebranding process. Companies that have noticed trends and have adapted their brand to continue to be relevant and open the door for newer customers.

What comes to your mind when you think about the brand Carhartt? For me, it’s designer. That’s right. Carhartt today is seen as trendy, minimalistic, utility- inspired clothing. Carhartt has always been known as a work wear brand. However with the introduction on the “Work in Progress” collection, the brand was able to make the shift into the streetwear culture.  By taking advantage of a trend and developing a strong social media plan, Carhartt has now opened their brand to a whole new demographic. Their strong brand awareness online has allowed them to grow and expand outside of just work wear.

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